How can i make a Great app

To become a publisher, you first have to be a successful developer. You need to understand the nuances of developing and attracting people to download your App/ Game before becoming a person who can advise on how to actually get your product out successfully.

Zealcity studios understands the entire eco system in order to become a publisher. We know what it takes to make an app reach at the top of the rankings but in order to do it there are a lot of things the developer needs to understand.

If you are interested in a world class publishing unit then please do send in your request, we will tell you clearly if your game or app is even worth publishing!

Sometimes it’s better to tell the truth rather than hide It especially when you are an entrepreneur trying to do your best.

If you feel Zealcity Studios is a good company to work with then please do reach out to us, we would love to give you what we feel is right or wrong (hopefully we are not :)) ! it’s not easy to get recognized in a world where there are a million apps but we feel we can achieve your goals if your product is worth it.

If you feel you can attract more than 4 million users then fill the form!